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Quiet Time Magic Star Silent Piano System

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Quiet Time Magic Star Silent Piano System
Quiet Time Magic Star Silent Piano System

QuietTime Magic Star gives your acoustic piano the features and benefits of a digital piano.


Have you ever had a neighbour or a house mate that doesn't enjoy you practicing your piano? Get a quiet time silent piano system fitted to your piano and enjoy being really popular again !!!
You get the best of both worlds,  a real acoustic piano with all the benefits of a digital piano. This new product is now available from Pianoworks and brings the features of an electronic piano to an acoustic piano and lets you mute a piano for a private performance.


The Magic Star system is retrofitable to virtually any acoustic piano, grand or upright.  It features a 128 general midi sound-set, 11 preset, 128-note polyphony.  It includes record and playback functions, 20 demo songs, a built-in metronome, selectable tempos, 2 headset jacks, and a graphical user interface for simple operation.  Magic Star comes in a small compact retractable control unit.

Magic Star is truly a multi functional unit that turns your piano into a multi-functional digital piano.  
Magic Star can be used to play the piano silently, with the piano's sound heard only through headphones.  Whether you live in an apartment, like to practice late at night after the family has gone to bed, or simply like to play or practice in private, QuietTime Magic Star will fill your needs, and still let you maintain the touch you love with your acoustic piano.
The QuietTime Magic Star system also functions as a MIDI Controller so the user can send keyboard and pedal data to computers, digital keyboards, sequencers and other MIDI devices. 
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